Membership in the association shall be open to those involved in or concerned with weights and measures activities and shall consist of four classes of membership: Active, Associate, Advisory and Honorary.

Active Membership: Weights and measures officials actively engaged in regulatory service in the employment of city, county, state and federal government.

Associate Membership: Individuals involved in business or industry.

Advisory Membership: Representatives of the federal government (non regulatory), retired active or associate member if they have no industry affiliation and, prior to retirement, served the association as an officer or member of a standing committee or attended three or more annual meetings as an active or associate member. Individuals requested by an officer of the association to assist in its committee activities, other interested individuals.

Honorary Membership: Any person who has made a significant contribution to weights and measures activities, free from due and assessments without voting or office holding privileges. To become an Honorary member, an individual must be nominated in writing by three members of the Association and receive a majority of the vote of the quorum present at an Annual Meeting.