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Scholarship Training Funds

CWMA Scholarship Training Funds Application

Central Weights and Measures Association Scholarships are available for a maximum of $300/per training/per jurisdiction, with a maximum of $600/per year/per state jurisdiction.  County and city jurisdictions should contact their state Office of Weights and Measures regarding availability of funds.


  • CWMA scholarship funds will only be used for training related to weights and measures.
  • The fund year will run from July through June 30.
  • Attendees must be a member of CWMA.
  • Must demonstrate a need for attendance.
  • Travel must be in the most cost efficient manner.
  • The CWMA A&P Committee will approve all applications for scholarship funds.
  • Only those expenses outlined in this policy, or pre-approved by the CWMA A&P Committee will be reimbursed.
  • Approval of training funds may be based on need, funds available, and fairness to other jurisdictions.
  • The amount of the scholarship funds awarded will not exceed the cost of attendance.
  • The maximum allowed funds is $300/per training, with a $600 maximum per state jurisdiction. (see policy #8)
  • Receipts will be required for all submitted expenses except for those covered in the daily per diem.

Scholarship Training Funds Reimbursement

CWMA Scholarship Reimbursement Form


  • Private vehicles may be used for travel when cost proven beneficial.
  • The maximum amount which can be reimbursed will not exceed the cost of airline travel to the same destination.
  • Rates for reimbursement will be in accordance with IRS established rates based on actual miles driven.
  • Airline travel will be coach fares.
  • Travelers should take advantage of discounts whenever possible.
  • Reasonable ground transportation will be reimbursed.


Travelers are responsible for making and canceling reservations.  If lodging is arranged other than prearranged group rate, government rates must be requested.

Meals and Incidentals:

The cost of meals and incidental expenses such as tips and phone calls will be reimbursed through a daily per-diem at a rate established by the CWMA A&P Committee.  No receipts will be required for those expenses.

  • Adjustments must be made in the daily per diem to reflect actual meals required.
  • Breakfast should not be submitted on the first day unless leaving home before 6:00 a.m.
  • Dinner should not be submitted on the last day unless returning home after 7:00 p.m.
  • Meals should not be submitted if they are provided to the traveler at no cost through organized activities.

Rate Schedule:

  • Private Vehicle Mileage Rate: according to the current IRS mileage rate schedule
  • Daily Per Diem: $30/per day
  • Per Diem Adjustments:
- Breakfast:  $7.50
- Lunch:  $7.50
- Dinner:  $15
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